The principles of the dynamics are at the foundations of the mechanics! Thanks to the Know-How established within the Automotive sector, ComStamp is taking off for a new challenge! The company is aiming to be dynamic and evolving all the time, and so decided in 2006 to make the debut in the aeronautic sector.

Com.Stamp.tool production:
- Lay-up tools
- Form Die
- Hydropress block
- Stretching form block
- Assembly jigs

Com.Stamp srl produces flight parts in Titanium/ Titanium alloys, Aluminum/ Aluminum Alloys, Nickel alloys, stainless steel and high alloy.

Logo piccolo Com.Stamp. Lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione a Montemiletto

Com.Stamp. Srl
Area Industriale
83038 Montemiletto (AV) Italy
P. Iva IT02011700644

Tel. (+39) 0825 968530
Fax. (+39) 0825 968530

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