Our technical department develops equipment projects with the most modern CAD systems (Catia – Unigraphics – Autocad).
The drawing studies, the mathematical formulation, the simulations and the development of machining parameters are performed by staff with thirty years’ experience with the most modern IT systems available on the market and constantly updated technology (Tebis/ Catia R24).
Design and construction of medium-to-large molds for robot/ transfert/ progressive lines. We are also able to build and design prototype molds and soft tooling for execution of pre-production batches.

CAD-CAM - Tebis v.4
Designing - Catia v.5
Simulation - Stampack Z 7.0.1

Software Catia v.5

Design: Catia v.5

Software Stampack Z 7.0.1

Simulation: Stampack Z 7.0.1

Tebis v.4

CAD-CAM: Tebis v.4

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