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Innovation, processes, environment and security

Being trustworthy partner means being at the forefront and innovative, without losing sight on professional ethics and constant attention to protect the environment

  • Technology: Constant technological upgrade and processes digitization.
  • People & Planet: Efficiently improving manufacturing processes keeping a close eye on environment protection.
  • Cyber Security: Ensuring high IT security standards.

what we do


Being a leading supplier of the main aircraft manufacturers by producing complete airworthy structures


ComStamp is specialized in designing, manufacturing moulds and their maintenance for the cold forming of the sheet metal.


Our team

Professionalism and experience serving our clients, and adding value through new resources.

Alessandro De Santis

General Management

Chiara Petretta

Production Engineering

Innovative Machinery

(CUP B97I19000740005)

Allowed within the "business and competitiveness" PON 2014-2020 FESR ASSE III – AZIONE 3.1.1
Decreto Ministeriale del 9 marzo 2018.

We guarantee and support your business

Com.Stamp. Srl
Area Industriale 83038
Montemiletto (AV)
P. Iva IT02011700644
+39 0825 96 85 30
0825 968530 – FAX